Write Photography Articles for SnapCanyon

I’ve been a photographer for 30 years and love to share my knowledge with fellow photographers. If you are passionate about sharing your experiences or looking to increase exposure to your website, I’d love to feature you on SnapCanyon.

What Types of Articles are Accepted?

SnapCanyon focuses on educational articles covering both photography and image editing. Photography tips and tutorials for both Lightroom & Photoshop are what I’m looking for at this point in time.

Article Requirements

  • Articles are original & have not been previously published online and you agree that the text (not images) will not be published anywhere but SnapCanyon indefinitely.
  • Experienced Photographers Only – You don’t have to be a english major to write an article for us but you do need to know what you’re writing about.
  • High quality images that add to the article and make it clearly understandable.
  • Word Count: Minimum of 600 words. Longer is often better but that does not mean to use unnecessary filler text or meaningless ramblings. 😉
  • You must hold the copyright to any images submitted along with your article. We do not accept stock images that you have purchased from other photographers or agencies. In some cases, we will accept “creative commons” images but you must provide a link to where you found it for verification and so that we can properly linkback to the artist.

What’s in it for You?

Your Author Bio

Your bio will be displayed with each article that you have published on SnapCanyon. This information can included links back to your website and social media profiles. Don’t neglect this opportunity, the more links pointing back to your website the better it is for you. We encourage you to craft a bio that includes links to your services with anchors for SEO that benefit you best. Just don’t make it spammy.

Write Submit Photography Articles - SnapCanyon Submission

Photo Credit

Your copyright notice is placed beneath your original photography / artwork. Another opportunity to gain more links back to your website. Unlike links in your bio, the anchor text is restricted to either your name or studio name … not “the Best Wedding Photographer in Chicago”.

Photography Tips Composition - Rule of Thirds
Image © Randy McKown

How to Submit an Article

Use the form below to show some examples of your photography and writing. Include a link to your portfolio or blog. Then write a little about yourself. What ideas for an article do you have? What are some links to other articles you’ve written?

You don’t have to write the entire article before submitting but an outline of the proposed article would be great. If you seem to be a good fit for SnapCanyon then you will be given access to the submission dashboard.

Please keep in mind, while I would love to publish every article that is submitted I cannot guarantee to do so.