7 Day Photo Challenge Photography Tips

Monday: You’re going old school and that means full manual mode only – for the entire week.

Tuesday: Take 25 unique images of an egg – unique means that no two images can be alike so get creative.

Wednesday: Put your camera away for the day – write detailed notes on how you will accomplish Thursday.

Thursday: Get Low for a new perspective – today you can only shoot while laying on the ground.

Friday: Loose your subjects – no landscapes, no portraits, you are only allowed to shoot textures and patterns.

Saturday: Go out for a full day of shooting and here’s the kicker – you can only take 24 images.

Sunday: It’s a love/hate relationship and you’re shooting for the entire day with ONLY … your least favorite lens. If you only have one lens – then you’re intentionally shooting subject matter that you absolutely hate shooting and you’re making it look awesome – Have fun 🙂