Metadata Copyright Preset Lightroom Tutorial
Image © Randy McKown

There’s absolutely no reason why you should have to enter your copyright information each time you work with new images in Lightroom.

Your copyright metadata is probably not going to change very often. Why not have it done for you automatically. This quick Lightroom tutorial will help you speed up the boring stuff so you can get down to business editing your images.

How to Create a Metadata Copyright Preset in Lightroom

The first thing you need to do is go to your Metadata Menu and click on the “Edit Metadata Presets” option.

Metadata Copyright Preset Lightroom Tutorial

Working in the Metadata Presets dialog is pretty straight forward. You will notice that it’s filled with tons of options. You can ignore almost everything here. The only sections we are concerned with right now are the IPTC Copyright & IPTC Creator sections.

As you can see in the image below, this is pretty basic stuff. All you need to do is enter the information that you want to provide. If you don’t want to use a specific piece of information, simply leave the field blank and uncheck the box.

Metadata Copyright Preset Lightroom Tutorial

Once you have all the information filled out that you want to include for the meta preset, go up and click on “Custom” and switch to “Save Current Settings as New Preset.”

Metadata Copyright Preset Lightroom Tutorial

Now you can name your metadata preset in Lightroom so that it can be quickly accessed at any time. This is nice if you are organizing and editing multiple photographers work on the same computer.

Metadata Copyright Preset Lightroom Tutorial

Apply the Copyright Metadata Lightroom Preset During Import

One of the primary benefits you have when you create a copyright preset in Lightroom is the ability to apply it automatically when you import new images. This is extremely easy to do. If you’re new to Lightroom read the Importing Photos into Lightroom Tutorial.

Once you have created your copyright preset go to the Import Screen. You’ll notice in the right panel under “Apply During Import” you have the option to select a Metadata preset. Select the meta preset you created here.

Metadata Copyright Preset Lightroom Tutorial

What this does is tell Lightroom to apply the copyright preset to every single image as they import into the Lightroom Library. This will save you a great deal of time because there’s no need to enter the information later. It’s automatically included before you even start editing your images.

Copyright Preset in Lightroom Quick Tips

You are not limited to only one copyright preset in Lightroom. You might want to create multiple presets with different usage terms or for multiple photographers. Feel free to create as many copyright presets as you’d like to streamline your Lightroom Workflow to its full potential.